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Denis blackburn

Package Saw

Item: # 59432
Mark : LM 
Model: P4  
Condition: Good 
Region : Eastern Canada 
Currency: CAD 
Status: Available 

Entry and exit conveyor. Waste disposal conveyor.

 Most accurate packaging cross-cutting system

The fully automated Verticut P4 system with "FACT" cutting technology offers an incredible PET cut tolerance of + - 1/32 "with a finish as good or better than conventional cutting saws.

It is the only system that offers wireless remote start. Another amazing feature is that the operator does NOT have to manually position himself for the first initial cut.

Two packages can be placed on the cart at a time and programmed for cuts. Controlled Depth Cut is also a feature to automatically stop the cut before it passes through the bottom few planks. The integrated hold / protect mechanism is extremely important for operator protection.

Fast Advanced Cutting Technology (Patent Pending) FACT cutting will significantly reduce cutting time. The saw will automatically advance towards the bundle at a speed much greater than the cutting speed. When the saw comes within 2 "of the package, it will automatically switch to a slower cutting speed. This is even more beneficial for all packages of lumber less than 48" in height.



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