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Denis blackburn

Barberan Automatic Lacquer Spray Line

Item: # 59157
Mark : Barberan 
Model: RR B8 
Condition: Very good  
Year: 2009 
Region : Eastern Canada 
Currency: CAD 
Status: Sold 

Barberan Automatic Lacquer Spray Line
8000 operating hours
Line speed 1-12 m / min. (3 to 39 feet / minute)
Carousel RPM 1-25 RPM
8 spray arms
Liquid recovery YES
Product Aqueous base / solvent
Min. Width 4 "
Max. Width 60 "
Min. Length 6 "
Max. Length 120 "
Distance between parts 3 "
Height of guns 3 1/8 "- 8 3/8"
Cycle time 13 fpm.
UV oven 3 lamps
Infra Red Oven 2 Units of 3 Lamps
Barberan motorized infeed conveyor model MMV 3500/1800
Barberan transfer table with suction model MTB 3500/1800
Cleaning brush for Barberan panels model LP 1800
Barberan automatic spray booth model RR-B8
Barberan evaporation tunnel Model TEV E MT
Barberan cross transfer tunnel model TEVT E MTAP
Barberan infrared drying tunnel model TSP MT
Barberan UV curing and drying tunnel Model HOK E 3 1800
Barberan motorized exit conveyor model MMV 3500/1800

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