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Premier Tech Automatic Bagging Machine

Item: # 58916
Mark : Premier Tech  
Model: VP 400 
Condition: Very good  
Region : Eastern Canada  
Currency: CAD 
Status: Available 

All safety gates are included with the device.

Designed to operate 24 hours a day, year round with minimal downtime, the VP-400 Four Station Bagger is the perfect solution to high volume automated production. It offers a full range of options that can meet the specific needs of each client. The VP-400 bagging machine has four stations in which the various bagging steps are carried out simultaneously. Four tubes are installed on an indexing turntable which allows the tubes to rotate so that the bag remains in the same tube throughout the bagging cycle.The first 2 stations perform the filling and compression while the third station is equipped with an impulse bag sealer.

Loaded and Ready to Deliver.

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