Friulmac D.E.T.

# BST 23825
Year of Mfg.





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North-East USA




460V, 60Hz, 3Ph


Friulmac D.E.T.:

  • Automatic machine for the squaring, tenoning, profiling and sanding hardwood and similar elements and panels for the furniture, doors and windows, floor industry, etc.
  • The framing heavy base if made of a structure able to adsorb and avoid the vibrations and resonances caused by the working process.
  • The right movable shoulder slides on two precision rectangular iron beams. The sliding surfaces are covered with antifriction material and their lubrication occurs automatically by means of a centralized oil pump.
  • The opening and closure adjustment of the movable shoulder is executed by means of a precision TPN screw driven by electric motor controlled by inverter.
  • A magnetic strip provided with sensor indicates the position of the movable shoulder. The quote visualizes on an electronic digital instrument positioned on the control board.
  • The columns and the supporting system of the working units are built of cast iron; the accurate processing of the sliding parts and of the dovetail guides is guarantee for high precision and lasting performance.
  • The feeding of the pieces occurs by means of precision chains built of hard casting steel components connected to temperated steel pins mounted on long-life sealed and lubricated bearings
  • The sliding structure of the chain is fixed on the whole support`s columns of the machine.
  • Each element building the chain is equipped with steel plates coated with hard nonstainable rubber. Disappearing referencing stops are positioned at fixed distance.
  • The chain`s sliding movement occurs on self lubricating special fibre guides
  • The transmission of the feeding movement runs balanced axis connected to toothed wheels
  • The chain`s feeding speed is continuously adjustable from 4 to 30 m/min
  • The top chain pressure clamping system of the pieces is made up of a special nonstainable rubber track, driven by gear motor and inverter with speed adjustment synchronously to the chain`s feeding speed
  • The top pressure on the piece during the working process is uniform all along the machine`s width and is obtained by means of air-compressed adjustment with air pressure regulator
  • The top pressure system with vertical electric adjustment and visualization of the working measures on digital electronic indicator is located inside the control panel
  • The high precision of the sliding guides allows a transversal and vertical adjustment of the working units without need of mechanical blocking
  • The positioning take place by means of trapezoid screws with visualization of the quoted on mechanical digital indicators
  • The working units are manually tiltable with reading of the angle displacement on mechanical digital indicators; the angle`s inclination is variable according to the employed unit.
    -Length (shoulder displacement direction), minimum: 180mm
    -Length (shoulder displacement direction), maximum: 2500mm
    -Working (working feeding direction), minimum: 180mm
    -Working (working feeding direction), maximum: 2500mm
    -Thickness, minimum: 10mm
    -Thickness, maximum: 100mm
    Scoring unit B-28 – Station 1 right+left
    -Maximum tool diameter: 150mm
    -Shaft diameter: 30mm
    -Shaft rotation: 7600 RPM
  • Hogging unit B-36 double – Station 2-3 right+left
    -Maximum tool diameter: 250mm
    -Shaft diameter: 40mm
    -Shaft rotation: 6000 RPM
  • Profiling unit J-33/CR (jump)- Station 4 right+left
    -Maximum tool diameter: 300mm
    -Shaft diameter: 40mm
    -Shaft rotation: 6000 RPM
  • Profiling unit J-30/CR – Station 5 right+left
    -Maximum tool diameter: 250mm
    -Shaft diameter: 40mm
    -Shaft rotation: 6000 RPM
    -Scoring unit B-28 (2x 2.2 kW) 4.4 kW
    -Double hogging unit B36-1 (4x 5.5 kW) 22.0 kW
    -Double hogging unit B36-2 (4x 5.5 kW) 22.0 kW
    -Profiling unit J-33/CR (jump)(2x 7.5kW) 15.0 kW
    -Profiling unit J-30/CR (2x 8.1kW) 16.2 kW
    -Pieces carrying system (1x 4.0kW) 4.0 kW
    -Movable shoulder shifting (1x 2.2kW) 2.2 kW
    -Track feeding (2x 0.55kW) 1.1 kW
    -Track height adjustment (2x 0.55kW) 1.1 kW
    -Total power input: 140.0 kW
    -Full load current: 220.0 A
  • Carrying system feed speed, minimum: 4m
  • Carrying system feed speed, maximum: 30m
  • Extraction speed: 30 m/sec
  • Total extraction air: 16200 m3/h
  • Total air consumption: 794 l/min
  • Machine dimensions (mm) – doors closed: 5035 x 7750 x 2050
  • Machine dimensions (mm) – doors open: 7425 x 7750 x 2050
  • Control board dimensions (mm): 1200 x 800 x 2100
  • Machine weight: 8300 kg
  • Control board weight: 300 kg