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Denis Blackburn

Planeur 4 Faces Yates 8" x 15"

Item : # 58473
Devise : CAD 
Status : Vendu 


•   (6) Têtes Yates-American A- 20 planeur. Planeur d'une capacité  de  8" x  15”;
•   Heads are with V-belt drive components which include the grip-belt sheaves, split taper bushings, grip-belts and belt guards. This unit is equipped with 1-13/16” dia. top & bottom motorized profile spindles.
•   Variable speed: 300' to 800 feet per minute
•    TOP HEAD, 8" cutting circle, 16-knife, with a cutting angle of 25 degrees, 75 HP, 3,500 RPM,
•   BOTTOM HEAD, 8" cutting circle, 16-knife cylinder with a cutting angle of 25 degrees, 3,500 RPM driven by (1) 50 HP, T.E.F.C. motor.
•    RIGHT HEAD, driven by (1) 30 HP, 3,500 RPM, T.E.F.C. motor.
•   LEFT HEAD, driven by (1) 30 HP, 3500 RPM, T.E.F.C. motor.
•   BOTTOM PROFILER: V-belt drive by (1) 50 HP, 3,500 RPM, T.E.F.C. motor.
•   TOP PROFILE: V-belt driven by (1) 50 HP, 3,500 RPM, T.E.F.C. motor with "C" flange assembly mounted directly on yoke.
•   NEW BED PLATES and GUIDES with .020” thick rectified after chroming to get a better precision and finish.
•   JOINTERS are supplied with the Planer for cutter head knives: (1) top head, (1) bottom head, (1) side head profile jointer.

Does NOT include a Feed Table or MCC
Totally reconditioned in 2015 and ran 1,500 hours tops since the rebuilt
Stored in a warm, dry building
Owner has spent $150,000 on this Planer
Bearings replaced, tables and fences chromed
Feed rolls turned, knurled, and chrome
Profiles in perfect condition
Machine was much too fast for the owner's 100 FPM application

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Alain Béland


David Roy

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Denis Blackburn

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