Complete Varnish line wood floor Sander Top and Bpttom 54″ 2015

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Belt width 54 “Sander bottom / Bottom: 1 sander head / Upper / Top: 6 heads Very few hours. Like new

Widest panel width 42 “1 Steel drum 2 Steel drums 30 to 60 grit fabric belts 3 Rubber drums 1 Platen head 50 to 180 grit fabric and paper bands

Operational Specifications: Stroke Rate 50-65 FPM Average Operating Rate 60 FPM At Maximum Cadence 65 FPM – 6,500 FPM. production

Description of the line of varnishes for hardwood floors.

Inlet Conveyor, / Strap slitter / Mekanika feed table installed in 2004 which feeds the DMC Top and Bottom sandblaster. / Dubois 2004 adjustable air pressure table which separates the individual parts of the panel, which provides full bevel coverage and sawdust removal. / Double Rigma Roller Coater installed November 2014 Direct drive roller application system that allows simultaneous placement of wet to wet coatings and multiple coatings, which allows for faster changes. Adjustable height covers allow product variations from 1/8 ”to 2”. / Stain Brush Dubois Installéen2oo4 stain applicator with adjustable speed nylon / boar bristle brushes used to promote uniform coverage of the coating on the product UV 2 Stations Miltec / Dubois 2011 3 machines UV4, UV 11, UV13. With Kit d Height-adjustable and powered ultra-violet lighting used to cure coatings. The units can be used as a complete curing machine (all layers) or as a B-stage curing machine (single-layer) / Jet Air Tunnel Dubois 2004 forced-air heating system powered by natural gas. The purpose of the tunnel is to maintain the temperature of the panel surface to control gloss and adhesion. / Adjustable 2994 Oscillating Brush used to scrape the surface of the product in preparation for the next coating application. Only needed after complete UV curing. Coater reverse fill roller driven on a roller with a reverse fill roller allowing the coatings to penetrate the open grain of some species and give the product a smoother finish. Adjustable height coaters allow product variations from 1/8 “to 2”. UV I Station 2011 Height adjustable and powered ultraviolet lighting assembly used to cure coatings. The units are only used as a B-stage (single-layer) curing machine. 2004 Dubois Standard Coater with Chain Driven Application Roller used to apply various types of coatings to the product. Height adjustable coatings allow product variations from 1/8 ”to 2”. 3 Station Denbber Brush with Adjustable Oscillating Brush used to scrape the product surface in preparation for the next coating application. Only needed after complete UV curing. UV 4 Stations Dubois with Height adjustable and powered ultra-violet lighting set used to harden coatings. The unit is used as a final complete drying machine (all coats) and has a direct effect on the gloss. / Dubois 2004 inspection conveyor used to inspect the product, eliminate defects and reinsert the matching pieces at the ends into the panel , which allows complete panels to be sent to packing stations. 55 ‘6’ ‘long and 5’ wide. / Outfeed Bridge Mekanika2004 Transports product to individual packing stations in a repetitive pattern controlled by sensors. Can be replaced manually, if necessary. / Outfeed accumulator Mekanika 2004 Stacking station The unit folds the boxes and allows the accumulation of several full boxes at each station before being transferred to the box stacker (pit). Dynaric 2004 strap station These units seal the box finished with one nylon strap per machine for a total of 3 straps per box. Labeling Station Mékanika 2004 with a new printer installed in 2017 Outfeed Stacker and chains Mekanika 2004 Lift and stacking system with hydraulic and pneumatic control which counts the number of boxes required per lift and allows the labeling of the final product and the securing of the elevator for shipping. End Matcher doucet 2008 this Unit used to cut out flaws in individual planks and recreate the tongue, groove and bevel in each individual plank. Several spare parts are available for the varnish line.

Operational specifications:
Stroke rate of 50 to 65 FPM
Average operating rate of 60 fpm
At a maximum rate of 65 FPM – 6,500 FPM. production


Belt Width 54”  Bottom Sander:  Top Sander:

Widest Panel Width 42”  1 Steel Drum  2 Steel Drums  30 – 60 Grit Cloth Belts  3 Rubber Drums  1 Platen Head  50 – 180 Grit Cloth and Paper Belts

Operational Specifications:

Run rates of 50-65 fpm

Average run rate of 60 fpm

At top run rate of 65 fpm- 6500 sq. ft./hr. production