Nordfab Wood Waste Steam Boiler

# BST12006
Year of Mfg.



Steam Boiler






86000 USD


Nordfab Wood waste burning system with Ladig unloader and silo and support equipment.

  • Boiler is rated 200 boiler hp with a pressure rating of 150 PSIG (high pressure steam) at 6,900 lbs of steam per hour.
  • Machine is currently operable and available to be demonstrated.
  • System with all components and support equipment was installed in the fall of 1993 and is in excellent condition.
  • Current operating permits are up to date and the system is having yearly maintenance work done on it in the first part of September 2008.
  • Water treatment records are available for inspection.
  • 480 volt 3 phase

Boiler Support Equipment to include

  • Ladig Silo – Silo is 18 feet in diameter and 40 feet high (9462 cu. ft.) with explosion doors installed.
  • 480 volt 3 phase Also included with Ladig is a Milltronics level control device that shows product level in the silo.
  • Joy Twistair compressor – 1985 screw type, 25 H.P. 480 volt 3phase.
  • Ingersoll Rand refrigerated dryer – 1994 model DXR140
  • Boiler injection pump type chemical tanks. 1993 100 volt single phase
  • Culligan water softener – Dual tank unit. 100 volt single phase.


All this equipment is in excellent running condition although not used until the winter heating season. Can be started and demonstrated.

Note: The Boiler and Silo can be sold seperatley.