Moulders four (4) edges – 5 heads – 9 inches – ME-523 Series

# BST 32173
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Compact moulder with four (4), five (5) or six (6) shafts.

Ideal for furniture and mold manufacturers.

One-piece solid cast iron heat-treated chassis for maximum rigidity and stability.

Cabinet providing maximum protection and noise attenuation.

Safety switch with programmable delay when opening the door.

Safety switch at the entrance for protection in case of oversized parts.

Hardened steel shafts.

High precision ball bearings ensure cutting stability and accuracy.

Each horizontal shaft is equipped with an individual motor driven by a high speed belt for increased power. The same system applies for the vertical shaft motor.

Fast and accurate adjustment of each shaft with mechanical digital display system.

Variable drive speed, by frequency converter, with electronic digital display.

Five (5) pneumatic upper rollers and one (1) lower roller for a smooth and stable workout.

Pneumatic side presser foot at the entrance to the machine.

Side pneumatic presser feet for the first vertical head.

Pneumatic presser foot for chip breaker on the upper horizontal shaft.

Digital length counter.

High performance gearbox ensures stable power.

Table with chrome surface for maximum wear resistance with automatic lubrication system.

Tunnels at the entrance and exit.

Centralized control panel with quick identification symbols.


Moulders four (4) songs, five (5) heads – ME-523
Lower horizontal shaft motor 7,5CV / 600V / 60C / 3Ph (x2)
Left and right vertical shaft motor 15CV / 600V / 60C / 3Ph
Upper horizontal shaft motor 10CV / 600V / 60C / 3Ph
5CV / 600V / 60C / 3Ph drive motor
Lift motor 0.5CV / 600V / 60C / 3Ph
Electrical current 46A
Shaft diameter 40 mm
6000 RPM tree speed
Diameter of cutting heads (except the first horizontal) 100 ~ 180 mm
Diameter of the first horizontal head 100 ~ 150 mm
Minimum planing width 10 mm
Maximum planing width 230 mm
Thickness of work 7 ~ 125 mm
Minimum working length 230 mm
Adjustment of the input table 12 mm
Moving horizontal trees 40 mm
Moving vertical shafts 30 mm
Variable drive speed 5 ~ 30 m / min
Suction outlet diameter 125 mm (x5)
Machine Dimensions 3380 (L) x 1280 (D) x 1720 (H) mm
Package Dimensions 2320 (W) x 1400 (D) x 1960 (H) mm
Net weight 2800 kg / 6160 lbs
Gross weight 3100 kg / 6820 lbs