Hot Press 5×10

# BST45608









Est Canada




53,900.00 CAD




Hydraulic oil-heated platen press

600V / 60C / 3Ph

Solid steel trays type PSS (SUPER STRONG) with aluminum cover

3200 mm x 1600 mm
Resistance to vertical thrust greater than 10 kg / cm²

Electric burner with diathermic oil

Heat output: 27 kW
Maximum heating medium temperature: 120 ° C
Maximum heating liquid pressure: 4 bar
Positioned to the left of the press and protected by a safety mesh

Safety cables on the four (4) sides of the machine Loading and unloading from three (3) sides: 3200 mm (front / rear) and 1600 mm (left)

Eight (8) 85mm cylinders (D)

Stroke 450 mm

Pushing force: 160 tons

Pressure: 3.13 kg / cm²

PSS type intermediate plate (SUPER STRONG)

3200 mm x 1600 mm
Opening: 225 mm

Frame, movable platen and fixed platen made of assembled and welded Fe430 steel beams Hydraulic push cylinders in steel, designed and tested for mechanical application

Hydraulic system with two (2) stage submersible oil pump

High power / Low pressure
Low power / High pressure
Switching valve for quick change Complete hydraulic system with tank mounted control valves and safety valves

7 ” color touch screen control panel

Temperature adjustment
Adjustment of working pressure
Pressing time
Automatic shutdown of the heating system to turn off the boiler when the working temperature is reached or to turn it on again when there is a drop in temperature.
Automatic pressure adjustment
Saving of pressing parameters (100 programs)

Exclusion of one or a few cylinders depending on the size of the part to be pressed

Parallel movement of the plate ensured by a rack guide system and a protection mechanism which stops the press and releases the pressure in the event of incorrect loading (overlapping panels or uneven covering of the active cylinders)

Bimanual control device

Emergency stop button

Dimensions of the machine

3900 mm (L) x 2000 mm (W) x 2246 mm (H)

Gross weight: 6,000 kg / 13,200 lbs