Biesse Rover B 7.40 FT

# BST 31265

Biesse Rover 7.40 FT


Brand/Model: BIESSE ROVER B 7.40 FT
Year MFG: 2006
Location: Quebec, Canada
Dimensions: 236″ L  x  86″ W  x  82″ H
Weight: 7,900 Lbs (estimate)
Loading: Rigger Required


Working cap.: X-Axis is 145″ (3,685 mm), Y-axis is 61″ (1,550 mm), X-asis working field with all the tools is 145″ (3,685 mm), X-axis working field with main spindle is 157″ (3,996 mm), Y-axis field with all verticle spindles is 60.6″ (1,539.5 mm), Y-axis working field with main spindle is 72.8″ (1,850 mm), Z-axis clearance is 7″ (180 mm ).

  • Programmable speed: X- & Y-Axis is 3,937 IPM and Z-axis is 1,181 IPM.
  • Equipped with: (12) Independent vertical boring spindles forming an L-configuration with (6) spindles on the Y-axis & (6) spindles on the X-axis; inverter controlled 2.3 HP spindle motor with 4,000 RPM.
  • A total of (6) horizontal spindles provide horizontal boring capabilities on all (4) edges of the panel, (4) on the X-axis (2 in ea. direction) and (2) are paralleled with the Y-axis (1 in ea. direction), X-axis grooving saw.
  • “Ride Along” 10-position Automatic tool changer for “on-the-fly” tool changes with HSK-63F tool holders.
  • Work area with: Flat table designed for “Nested Base Manufacturing” with (2) independent working areas, (12) external pop-up reference pins with (8) on the back of the table and (2) on the RH side and (2) on the LH side. The unit is prepared for (optional) “quick fit” vacuum outlets for optional clamping of small or irregularly shaped parts.
  • Separate control console with: “NC 1000” Controller, MS-Windows based technology, Pentium- CPU, hard drive, CR-ROM reader, mouse, USB ports, parallel port, Serial port, and network card. NC 1000 software for easy programming of boring, routing, and grooving functions.
  • Operating system for real-time multitask processing; programs can be transferred via diskette or downloaded by wire; built-in 1,500 W air conditioner for constant temperature & dust-free environment.